Love, Joy, Peace...
Prayer List

Mary Ann Warren

Rose & Tim Earp

Doug Massey

Ms. Josephine Jackson

Ms. Rose Peele

Emily Kelly

Jane Toepke

Ms. Pat McKeel

Wendy Tillett

Donald Pittman

Our nation and elected leaders

Debbie Pope

Larry & Betty Cross

Sarah Radford

Joy Evans

Bobbie and Billy Frazier

Gene Preddy

Gerald Coley

Brian Sullivan

Eddie Elliot

Becky Moore

Carolyn Hales Radford

Marty Lewis

Our students and school staff

Jonathan Lane

Greg Hottell

Gabriel Barker

Laverne McLamb family

Kenneth & Brenda Cherry

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Micro Original Free Will Baptist
104 US 301 N - PO Box 247, Micro, NC 27555
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